Italian dressing broccoli cucumber fresh ground black pepper and 4 more cold pasta salad with italian dressing scrambled chefs black pepper fusilli pasta fresh parsley oregano thyme olive oil and 9 more.

Ingredients for tomato avocado salad this salad is loaded with veggies juicy tomatoes crisp cucumber creamy avocado and the cilantro and lemon juice make the whole salad so fresh and flavorful p s if you aren rsquo t keen on cilantro fresh dill is a good substitute how to make cucumber tomato avocado salad 1.

For those of you who aren rsquo t familiar with israeli salad here rsquo s a little background it evolved from a turkish salad known as shepherd rsquo s salad ndash coban salatsi which is closely related to a persian salad known as salad shirazi named for the ancient city of shiraz the salad is known under different names with slight ingredient variations throughout the middle east.

Mediterranean cucumber and tomato salad where i grew up we call this simple mediterranean salad recipe salata it is an everyday salad made typically of three key ingredients tomatoes cucumbers and parsley and seasoned simply with kosher salt although i like to add sumac for a little tang and depth the traditional mediterranean salad dressing here is hellip.

Cucumber feta salad ingredients the ingredients in this feta salad are so fresh crisp and amazing the feta cheese takes it over the top so don rsquo t skip it if you aren rsquo t keen on cilantro add dill to taste instead how to make tomato cucumber salad with feta 1.

To create this salad at home whisk together 1 heaping tablespoon mayonnaise 2 teaspoons red wine vinegar an optional 1 2 teaspoon milk preferably whole or 2 and a pinch of salt and pepper in a large bowl add 1 large peeled and thinly sliced cucumber and 1 large or 2 small ripe chopped tomato and toss to coat let the salad sit at least 30 minutes although hellip.

Ingredients for lettuce and tomato salad this lettuce salad ingredients are simple to a greek salad recipe minus feta olives and pepper cucumbers any type of cucumbers pickle dill garden long english persian peeled or not work tomatoes any type of full grown grape or cherry tomatoes work i love local beefsteak and roma for a good garden salad.